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I was born in 1995 in Paris, France.

I worked in three design companies between 2016 and 2022, both in Europe and Asia.

I love drawing, cooking, sewing, going to the gym and making stuffs.

I now live in Japan, city of Nagoya.

I speak french (native), japanese (fluent) and english (professional skills).

You can download my resume here.


Nice to meet you.

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who are you ?

but why "aimée" ?

Aimée is coming from "Aimer" in french, which means to love.


But if you blend Aimer's letters, you will also find my own name, Marie.


Aimée represents my work and what I love : designing and making things, testing, thinking, improving, testing again, and finally arriving on results that (hopefully) make my clients happy and proud of our common work, our collaboration. This is what Aimée stands for.


I didn't want Aimée to be focused on only one discipline. This is also a part of me, I can't stay on just one thing. My speciality is space design, but I also have skills in illustration or sewing.


This is why Aimée is a "creative house", or "maison créative" in french. 

what type of project do you work on / or not ?

Briefs I take :

1. space & interior design consulting, such as shop design, retail guidelines for brand, events' stand design, signage, etc.

2. illustration and graphic design, such as poster designs, invitation cards (wedding, birth announcement), custom-made illustration, comics, etc.

Briefs I don't take :

UX/UI design, webdesign, AutoCad technical drawings.

are your designs sustainable ?

I try to, as much as possible.

But it's not easy at all. I do not pretend to be a certified sustainable designer because it is not what I am (even if I wish).

However, I always try to :


-reduce the number of materials in a project

-reduce or delete glue or screws in assemblies

-think of assemblies that can be disassembled and of course be assembled again later

-be careful on the quantity of color I use when I have to print something

-design my own website as light as possible by not posting too many pictures or videos

-and in a personnal way, using bicycle, train and ecofriendly transportation as much as possible, eating local food, buying second hand, etc.

When we choose something (whether it is a material or a food) a lot of other variables than sustainability are involved, such as cost, functionnality, efficiency, etc.

I always try to find the right balance between using something and not using it by carefully analyzing each variables. But as said, it is not easy at all and I'm trying the best I can.

what kind of project scale do you usually work on ?

Usually small scales, because I'm a sole proprietor. But I can help big companies on larger project, work that I already did for several luxury groups, agencies, etc.

do you take new briefs ? what about your pricing ?

Of course. Let's first see if I'm available at the time you send the brief, and if I am able to satisfy your request.

Please remember that I work from Japan so there may have a time difference between my place and your country.

Concerning my prices, they vary depending on the project and the skills to be applied. But tell me everything in the contact section right below, I'd be beyond thrilled to hear from you.

nice ! here's my request :

Thank you. I'll answer you as soon as I can.

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